One night, when I was going to sleep with the lights off, I suddenly felt homesick and missed my elderly parents thousands of miles away. I dialed the number to decrypt my missing, and my father answered the phone. He was really surprised by my late night call: what happened? I said it was OK. I was homesick and wanted to talk. What do you say? Your mother is asleep in the middle of the night. Where's Wei? Did you sleep, too? My father must still blame me for the untimely call, but I can't hide the surprise in my words. In fact, my wife Wei also slept sweetly. My father and I were afraid to disturb their wives. Like two naughty children, we whispered to each other. My father said that the family was very good. He and his mother were in good health. He asked me not to worry about this side, take good care of Gu Wei and work hard. I said that we are also very good. We are both fatter than we just got married. In a few days, we are going to take a photo and send it back. Finally, I said, it's late, Dad, you put up the phone, go to bed. Father paused for a while, and I guess he looked up at the old clock. It's not early. You can have a rest. By the way, take your umbrella to work tomorrow. It's rainy on your side. How do you know? I saw it on TV by chance. It said that there was rain on your side.